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Wedding day Hair - Wear & Care

March 6, 2017


Wedding Season is starting!!! 


When WEDDING DAY is here one thing you don’t want to be worried about is your wedding day hair. Below I have included my list of my best wear and care recommendations for your big day!


1: Having an Idea -- about what and how you want to wear your hair is key to starting off the styling process. When planning for a style for such an important event, you’re going to want it to be wearable, elegant, and photogenic.


Think about how you wear your hair normally, and how you would want it to look. Having pictures/visuals can help you and your stylist determine together whether that style will entail adding hair extensions or accessories and what style best suits your personal face shape.





2: Styling: When the styling process begins, in most cases if wearing the hair up, working with dirty hair is ideal. Making sure you have nicely brushed out hair can help with timing as well. Wearing a shirt with no hood and collar would be best and always making sure that you and your stylist are communicating throughout the styling process to catch anything you may be uncomfortable with before pinning everything down.


3: Products: Products are an amazing tool for having long lasting hair wear. Depending on the look you’re wanting to achieve that day; there are holds that range from light to heavy all day wear. Be sure to have the one you need for your day to tame any fly always.  And when you have the hair looking exactly the way you want. SPRAY AWAY!!


4: The style: Once you are all styled, set, and ready to go, be sure to make sure it isn’t too tight or to loose. If the style wears to tight --it could have too much tension and could cause a headache. If the style is to loose, be sure to go back in and fasten it with additional pins to ensure the style does not come apart.


5: Care: If all the steps above have been followed and accomplished then at this point, ..... STYLED HAIR, DON’T CARE!!!! And dance the night away.




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