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My Weight loss Journey: (Step 1 of 5)

January 29, 2017

New Year, New You - 2017 - My Beginning




Making a new year's resolution seems to be an ongoing trend for everyone looking for that fresh start. The end of the calendar year is the best time of year to stop all bad habits and start working towards a better you right?........ WHY NOT become a newer, better you EVERYDAY! Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a lot longer then just 1 calendar year to see a “NEW YOU”, and with that said...... today I’ll be sharing my personal 40+lbs weight loss journey with you.  




 It isn’t easy to reach a goal/resolution; especially when it’s your own.


I’ve never been a heavy set girl and I have never had anyone tell me I was overweight-- until 2015 (my worst physical year). My problem was always being to small and to big in all the wrong places! I had skinny arms, skinny legs, “NO BUTT”, BIG boobs (hunchback) and a BIG ‘OL BELLY.


I am a young mom, and since my pregnancy I have never seen what my stomach looks like without the extra loose skin and “baby fat”. Unfortunately, that extra layer of baby fat has never truly gone away and ‘til this day, I don’t know what it feels like or looks like to have a flat stomach. But I was determined to find out!


So… aside from the obvious (not liking how I looked) the most important was how I “FELT”. I have always been a fun, happy, optimistic person. I lived, laughed, loved, and lost….. But someway, somehow…. I lost myself.


===> I LOST ME! <===


I lost my laugh, my smile, my motivation, and I let myself go, and my body followed!  I was unhappy…  So unhealthy and unhappy.




I was determined more than ever before to set this goal, and to achieve it with no excuses. I wanted to see myself for the first time ever being healthy, with a physically fit body, nice long hair, clear skin, and being the woman I have always wanted to see myself be inside and out!


I realized that the only person that is stopping me, IS ME!  And I finally recognized that after all these years of “WANTING” things for myself, why haven’t I “GOTTEN” them for myself? Why haven’t I lost this extra weight? Why haven't I become healthy, why? (because I didn’t follow through) -

(“The Follow Through” - Step 2 of 5)  

I mean, of course I tried everything from Insanity videos to waist training to dieting, to diet pills, to finally just getting down to the nitty gritty and DOING IT!!!!  WORKING OUT!!! One day at a time, I made one healthy choice a day. The one most important thing I have learned through this experience is:


The ONLY thing you need to change, is your “MIND!”


I’m gonna say that again… ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO START, is


====> “CHANGE YOUR MIND”!<====


(whatever your goal may be)


I changed my mind --- My body started to transform --- My spirit was lifted  


It took me 1 year and 6 months to finally lose 50+ LBS, and I couldn’t have done it without the CHANGING MY MIND!


So, YES.. it is HARD to reach your goals, especially when they are your own. But it can be EASY, if you just CHANGE YOUR MIND!


Different mindset  --- Different perspective --- Different Results




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