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Junior Love - The Pull Through Braid

February 5, 2017

YOUNG LOVE <3 : The Pull Through Braid

For most, Valentine's day can be a day filled with LOVE! But for ALL of us, it’s filled with CHOCOLATES, HEARTS, and STUFFED ANIMALS!!! <3 Cupid is in the air and ready to shoot his arrows! So, let's get Valentine Day ready! Below, I’ll be sharing an easy DIY hairstyle - for your YOUNG LOVE!


Look: The Pull Through Braid - Fun ~ Flirty ~ Flowy


For this look you’ll need:


Rubber Bands ~ Hairspray ~ Comb ~ Bobby pins


1. Brush out all hair to release any knots.


2. Starting from temple to temple take hair from one side to the other / tie with elastic band


3. Take that initial pony and pin it up and out of the way.


4. Repeating step 2 starting from side to side gathering a section / tie with elastic band


5. Take top pony down, split into halves and pin second pony in the middle of the split pony / tie with elastic band

6. Repeat steps till you have secured all hair and reached the bottom. (you can tie it off right at the nape as well for a different look)


Look: The Pull Through Braid Updo - Fun ~ Flirty ~ Flowy


1. After achieving the pull through braid, if you're wanting to wear all of your hair up.


2. All you have to do is take the end of the braid, twist it up and over /pin with bobby pins


3. Be sure to tuck the ends in and pins as well, and you're DONE! 



This fun, flirty, pull through braid is perfect for  your Valentine's Day adventures. It’s easy-peasy to achieve with just a few rubber bands and a comb! Voila! Valentine ready in no time!


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