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The Follow Through (Step 2 of 5)

February 20, 2017

The Follow Through: Step 2 of 5



Now that we have CHANGED OUR MIND/SET, I’ll be talking to you about the follow through.


You can set as many goals and resolutions as you want. As a matter of fact, most people do; but without the follow through none of this matters!  


Following through with ACTIONS is something that not everyone is programmed to do. Some people have the ability to zero in and have tunnel vision on a goal and like most of us…. “It sounds good” but doing it is a whole other ball game!


TAKING ACTION, was one of the most difficult obstacles for me to face. When you have come so far and lived so long in your daily habits, routines, juggling parenting and full-time work and everything else.  The thought of taking time for yourself seems almost impossible. 




I hit the point in my life where I didn’t recognize my own reflection. It was ABSOLUTELY  devastating.  After making the decision of changing my mindset, the next step was to take action. I’m not going to lie, it was hard.


Hard, because we don’t have time.


Hard, because we are creatures of habit.


Hard, because we are to comfortable to inconvenience our lives..


And the list goes on and on…….. I know because that used to be me. But with my new MINDSET I realized that it’s HARDER looking in the mirror and seeing (NO ONE) a person that you don’t recognize….. verses pushing forward and hoping for that one person you once knew to come back.... SO I KEPT GOING!  


I didn’t know anything about “working out” or losing weight, this was all new to me but still I was determined to achieve my goal. So I started reading. Anything fitness I read about, foods, exercises, diet pills, waist training… pretty much anything that I could to fill my brain with (since my MIND was open and SET to learn)


****I took action and FOLLOWED THROUGH****


I joined the gym, started working out, started eating right, changed my daily routine so that my goals would be BIGGER than my excuses. FOLLOW THROUGH and your body will too. Next I’ll share my top 5 nutrition tips and a favorite delicious recipe. (“Top 5 Nutrition tips” Step 3 of 5)

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