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***BONUS BLOG*** Changing your "PERSPECTIVE"

February 18, 2017

I just had a conversation not to long ago with my siblings about

"Changing your Perspective”


If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall me talking about changing your mind when it came to my weight loss journey goals. But, in this case, I will be talking about perspective, and...... the DIFFERENCE between the two.


In my New year New you blog, I state that all you have to do to start the process is “Change your mind”. That is still a very TRUE and SOLID fact. Changing your mind comes from within. It is something that you as an individual has to “willingly do” to start seeing certain aspects in your life change.  (Changing your mind = Internal Change)


Now, changing your perspective is (“how you see things” / “what you see, when you see things, and how you process that information to be beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.") For example, If you are a person who has a short temper and you know this… say you come across something that usually makes you irate… (CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE) STOP! Analyze the situation, and decide, whether this is something worth your peace of mind? In most cases------ the matter at hand is not OBSOLETE! So take a breather….. Everything is gonna be okay. (Changing your perspective - Absorption of information and the reaction that “can” follow)  


This is the exact text message I sent to my siblings:





 Taking each task at hand little by little and taking into “perspective” where you are and who you’re with (being aware of your surroundings) is all such a blessing if you change your perspective and take a look around you. Anything can be a POSITIVE, just change the way you think about it. A lot of people forget to STOP and just embrace the everyday gifts and adventures that we receive, but you can, and I hope you will.


So… STOP! Take a look around you, and appreciate what you have, focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Build the foundation on which you want to lead your life with-- through mental, physical, and spiritual health!  


Different mindset  --- Different perspective --- Different Results


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