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Maintenance: (Step 5 of 5)

March 19, 2017

Summing it all up, my weight loss journey in a nutshell.


Well,....... it was not easy! But, it was POSSIBLE!!!


Overall, 1 year and 6 months later, it was ABSOLUTELY worth it! Because…………..  I AM ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!! :D

(never forget that --YOU, are worth it!)




It was not an easy journey, nor is my journey close to being finished.


I hope that through this blog, reading about my personal journey has helped uplift many others to reach for the stars, set your own personal goals and to achieve them.


After, watching and seeing the process with my own two eyes, I now realize that nothing in this world is impossible, so long as you set your mind to it. The most rewarding part about this whole thing is having gone thru this experience and knowing in your heart and soul how hard you worked & sweat to get to your BEST YOU! (you deserve to be HAPPY. =D)


So yes, making a new year's resolution does seem to be the ongoing trend for everyone. And the end of the calendar year is usually the best time of year to stop all bad habits and start working towards a better you right?..... WRONG! Everyday is a an opportunity for you to become the BEST YOU!!  SO just DO IT!....become a newer, better you EVERYDAY!


Remembering these 5 STEPS can help you as it did me:


Step 1: Change your MIND/MINDSET


Step 2: The Follow Through


Step 3: Top 5 Nutrition tips


Step 4: Physical Activity


Step 5: Maintenance


Now, that our mind is in the game and we have set our goals. Let’s GO!

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