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5 Tips and Tricks to achieving the perfect Updo

March 26, 2017

Updos can be a great hairstyle for any occasion; whether you are dressing up or dressing down. The updo look can range from anything as simple as a messy bun to an intricate weaving of the hair. It can be worn completely up with no hair touching the shoulders or half up/half down depending on the desired look. Updos have transformed the HAIR GAME especially when being able to incorporate braids, hair accessories, and different techniques. Leaving your hair down has never seemed so boring. Below are 5 tips and tricks to achieving the perfect updo.






1. Vision: having a visual idea of what you are wanting to achieve is always the best way to start. Looking up ideas and having them on hand to reference can really help in determining if that style will work with your hair type, texture and density. Factoring in what you will be wearing can help in choosing a style as well.


2. Tools: making sure that you have all the tools necessary to create the look is the MOST important steps to remember.  Bobby pins, blow dryers, hot tools, hair spray etc… having a kit with all your tools at hand will make the prepping, pinning, and spraying a blissful process.


3. Prep: dirty (1 day old)  hair is always the best hair texture to work with. If the hair is freshly washed and to sleek, it may not hold up as well and as long. But, if that is the case you can always add texture by spraying a little dry shampoo at the root and brushing it thru the hair. Blow drying the hair can help lift the hair from the root which in turn can help with hair shaping.


4. Products: having the right products is very important when it comes to styling and updo. You’re going to want to have products that can address any hair type. Something that can hold the hair throughout the day and not feel like you’re wearing a helmet.


5. Styling: when it comes down to styling the hair, make sure you are making proper sections. Sectioning the hair properly can ensure that you have enough hair in all areas to achieve a balanced updo. Remember to always check in with the client momentarily throughout the process so if there are any changes to be made, it can easily be addressed when everything is not all pinned in and sprayed down. Styling with the right vision,tools, and products will help you develop the perfect updo every time. And remember practice makes perfect. Happy Pinning!


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