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Such A Tease!

April 9, 2017

Teasing-- so many meanings to this one word. But when it comes to a hair stylist teasing… the meaning is “BODY!!!” (adding VOLUME) Teasing aka back combing/rat combing is an amazing technique to build structure and add volume to any hair style.  Rat combing will create a strong foundation, and build up structure where you need it and give shape to your look. To get in on the hair-raising fun, I’ve put together these tips to give you—and make you—a proper tease.


Your Tools

For tools, you only need two things! You will need a teasing brush, which is gentle, and has serrated boar bristles that vary in length to give you friction without breakage as you tease. And of course HAIRSPRAY!!


 Your Prep

When prepping the hair, be sure to section off any additional hair that you are not teasing to make sure it doesn’t get tangled in the back combing.  Always tease DRY HAIR ONLY! Hair will not hold or stay up/teased if it is wet.


Your Teasing

Starting at the top middle of the head, section out a ½ inch section and pulling in straight towards the ceiling. Brushing that section out to smooth out any knots; then spray the back of that section with a firm hold hairspray. You’ll then take your teasing brush and move it up and down with light pressure against hair to create tension, flip hair over. Repeat steps for a few more sections or until desired volume is achieved. Once all sections are teased, flip all hair back and start smoothing with light strokes and making sure your not combing out the tease.


Your Finish

After smoothing everything out and placing hair where desired be sure to spray everything down one last time to ensure proper hold throughout your day. The higher the hair, the closer to GOD we are, so LET US RISE! Whoot.. Whoot! Happy Teasing!


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